Dog Walking

Barney 3Wellington’s Walkies walk dogs in all weathers, with Facebook and text updates provided so that you have the peace of mind your dog is having fun and is home safely.

Your dog will be collected and dropped off, with the walk lasting an hour including clean-down and refreshment.

Private Walks

An individual walk which will provide your dog with 100% attention and is perfect for young dogs needing extra attention or older dogs who require a slower pace. These walks are also invaluable for a temperamental dog whose walk can be tailored to their needs.

Family walks are also available.

Price: £12 per hour with a £5 surcharge for each additional family dog


Group Walks

A fantastic way to exercise and socialise your pets when you are not at home.

Maximum of 3 adult dogs* who will be taken on an hours walk in your local area, with areas varying from countryside to river walks.

Price: £10 per hour

*Excluding bitches in season.